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  • 简介:1.What’s the size? 多大尺寸?  90X90 (Ninety by ninety)九十乘九十。  2.What’s the cubage? 体积多大?  0.07M3 (zero point zero seven cube meter) 0.07立方米。  3.What’s the best/last price? 最... .英语

  • 简介:acceping bank 呈兑银行 accepting house 呈兑行 actual tare 实际皮重 acctual weight 实际重量 ad valorem ;duty 从税价 ad valorem freight 从税运价 advice of shipment 装运通知,装船通知 air bill of lading ... .英语

  • 简介:acrobatic gymnastics-技巧运动  athletics/track & field-田径  beach-海滩  boat race-赛艇  bobsleigh, bobsled-雪橇  boxing-拳击  canoe slalom-激流划船  canoe-赛艇  chess-象棋  cricket-板球  cy... .英语

  • 简介:(1)贵函  Your letter; Your favour; your esteemed letter; Your esteemed favour; Your valued letter; Your valued favour; Your note; Your communication; Your greatly esteemed letter; Your very friendl... .英语

  • 简介:1 I’ve come to make sure that your stay in Beijing is a pleasant one.  我特地为你们安排使你们在北京的逗留愉快。  2 You’re going out of your way for us, I believe.  我相信这是对我们的特殊照顾了。 ... .英语

  • 简介:做商务的人,有些经济名词是不可不知的。下面是一个经济名词的小集合,看看你都知道了吗?  1. air pocket 气囊:指一种股票的显而易见的极其虚弱性。 backdoor listing 后门上市:一家公司因其自身未能符合交易所上... .英语

  • 简介:claim 索赔;赔偿;赔偿金  compensate 赔偿,补偿  to make a (one‘s) claim 提出索赔  to register a (one‘s) claim 提出索赔  to file a (one‘s) claim 提出索赔  to lodge a (one‘s) claim 提出索赔  to... .英语

  • 简介:公司  简称   缩写 澳大利亚国家航运公司 澳国航运  ANL 美国总统轮船私人有限公司 美国总统  APL 邦拿美船务有限公司 邦拿美 BNML 波罗的海航运公司 波罗的海 BOL 中波轮船股份公司 中波 C-P 南美邮船公司 南... .英语

  • 简介:1.无法提供客户想要的产品时回复  Dear  Thank you for your enquiry of 12 March cate 9 cable.  We appreciate your efforts in marketing our products and regret very much that we are unable to supply th... .英语

  • 简介:一、第一次询价  We have learned from Smith and company of Birmingham that you manufacture a range of high-fashion handbags in a variety of leathers.We operate a quality retail business and although o... .英语

  • 简介:在外贸业务中,从报价到支付条件,再到催开 信用证 ,再到后来的单据 结汇 ,涉及到很多专业 术语 。 一、支付条件(Terms of payment) Our usual way of payment is by confirmed and irrevocable letter of credit... .英语

  • 简介:久仰 I’ve heard so much about you.  好久不见了 Long time no see.  辛苦了 You’ve had a long day.You’ve had a long flight.  尊敬的朋友们 distinguished/Honorable/Respected friends  阁下(多用于称呼... .英语

  • 简介: 第1招 妥善安排会面的约定 —Id like to make an appointment with Mr. Lee. 当你计划到海外出差,顺道拜访客户时,必须先以书信通知对方。出国以前再以Telex或电话向对方确认访问的日期和目的。如果是临时决定的... .英语

  • 简介:die 模具 figure file, chart file图档 cutting die, blanking die冲裁模 progressive die, follow (-on)die 连续模 compound die复合模 punched hole冲孔 panel board镶块 to cutedges=side cut=side scrap切边 to ... .英语

  • 简介:transport charge  运输费 cargo freight  运费 carriage  运费 carriage expense  运费 carriage free  免收运费 carriage paid  运费已付 carriage forward  运费待付 carload rate  整车运费 cartage  搬... .英语

  • 简介:1、Business Hours 营业时间 2、Office Hours 办公时间 3、Entrance 入口 4、Exit 出口 5、Push 推 6、Pull 拉 7、Shut 此路不通 8、On 打开 ( 放) 9、Off 关 10、Open 营业 11、Pause 暂停 12、Stop 关闭 13、Clo... .英语

  • 简介:汽车运输与物流  联合运输 Intermodal transport  电子自动售票系统 Automatic electronic ticket system  零担货运 Less-than-truck-load transport  托盘 Pallet  货运枢纽站 Freight hub terminal  货运信息... .英语

  • 简介:1.向长期客户推销新产品  I enclose an illustrated supplement toour catalogue. It covers the latest designs which are now available from stock. We are most gratified that you have, for several yeas. In... .英语

  • 简介:以下是我经常用的,也得到过不错效果的开发信,请朋友参考: Dear Sir, Very glad to send E-mail to you, I’m Annie. I have learned your name from the website which shows you are interest in ball chair. Fi... .英语

  • 简介:一、询求样品 本公司相信, 4月18日寄出的纪念品必已收到。本公司极为乐意知悉,此批货物是否合于贵公司的意愿,请来函告知。  We trust that the samples of souvenirs sent on the 18th April have reached you. We ... .英语

  • 简介:(1)贵函 Your letter; Your faour; your esteemed letter; Your esteemed faour; Your alued letter; Your alued faour; Your note; Your communication; Your greatly esteemed letter; Your eryfriendly note; Y... .英语

  • 简介:股东去世  由于我的朋友及合伙人T.去世, 我公司宣告解散。此后公司仅在清帐的短期内存在。  In consequence of the death of Mr. T., my much valued friend and partner, our late firm is dissolved, and the na... .英语

  • 简介:信用,是价值运动的特殊形式。信用证,即购货方开户银行为保证在交易合同规定的范围内代付货款,向售货方开户银行签发的凭证。在签发信用证前,购货方应先半贷款提交开户银行,另立帐户保管。售货方接到其开户银行通... .英语

  • 简介:13 June 200# Mr. Li Mingyang Export Manager Unitech M & T Co. Ltd 963 Tianmu Road, 14th Floor Shanghai 200070 China Dear Mr. Li: Our order No.3979: 50 Electric Drills As it is now more than t... .英语

  • 简介:中文名 英文名 品质描述 6063 6063 Extrusion-pntd 镀漆 6061 6061 Extrusion-pntd 镀漆 生铝件 Tense 含铁〈2% 生杂铝 Mixed Cast 含铁〈2% 旧铝片 Old Sheet-Taint/Tabor 干净 新铝片 Tough-Taboo 干净 切碎铝 Sh... .英语

  • 简介:私人和公务信函概述  书信是日常生活中常用的文体,是用以交涉事宜、传达信息、交流思想、联络感情、增进了解的重要工具。书信一般可分为商务信件或公函(Business Letter or Official Correspondence)和私人信件(... .英语

  • 简介:LIDI TRADING CO.LTD. NO.1267 EAST NANJING ROAD SHANGHAI, CHINA FAX: 021-64042588 E-MAIL: TIMZSH0516@SINA.COM Dear Sirs, Your quotation of has been accepted and we are glad to place our order NO.... .英语

  • 简介:一、Courtesy 礼貌  语言要有礼且谦虚,及时地回信也是礼貌的表现。  例如:  We have received with many thanks your letter of 20 May, and we take the pleasure of sending you our latest catalog. We wish... .英语

  • 简介: Our committee facilitates and encourages investment from other countries into targeted sectors of What economy and maintains active promotion of What through its network of contacts in domestic and a... .英语

  • 简介: www.babaimi.com·商务师辅导:商界新贵专用英语术语  add up to 合计达;总括起来意味着 此语本义指“合计为”,在日常生活中多用喻义,即“总括起来意味着”。在使用中应注意与“add up”一词的区别。“add up... .英语

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