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p> 一、找出与所给单词画线部分读音相同的词。

( ) 1. ear

A. bear B. there C. hear D. pear

( ) 2. please

A. ready B. nineteen C. heavy D. sweater

( ) 3. corner

A. word B. doctor C. worker D. forty

( ) 4. mouth

A. their B. thanks C. brother D. this

( ) 5. wrong

A. telescope B. clock C. come D. old



( ) 1. A.better B.more C.farther D. fast

( ) 2. A.bedroom B.bathroom C. home D. kitchen

( ) 3. A.my B. yours C.her D. their

( ) 4. A.room B.chair C.desk D. sofa

( ) 5. A.flower B.book C.water D. table



1.Tom never ______ to turn off thelights when he leaves the classroom.

A.forget B. forgets C.forgot D. forgetting

2. Does it make a big _____ to your grades?

A.difference B.different C. differences D. more different

3. ---How often do youdrink milk?

---I drink it ______.

A. four time a day B. four times aday C. four times of a day D. four time every day

4. Eating fruits and vegetables ______ good for our ______.

A. are,health B. are,healthy C. is,healthy D. is, health

5. The result of ____ math test is good.

A. the students B. the students’ C. the student’s D. student’s

6. We must _____ our best to study English well.

A. to try todo B. try to do C. tryto D. trying to do

7. Tom studies very _____,but his brother Tony _____ studies.

A. hardly, hardly B.hard, hardly C. hard, had D. hardly, hard

8. He worked many hours a day ______ he became seriously ill.

A.since B. evenif C.when D. until

9. I’ll go with you assoon as I _____ my work.

A. willfinish B. shallfinish C.finish D. finished

10. Do you know ______?

A. how he is old B. howis he old C. how old ishe D. how old he is

11. The engineer managed _____ the washing machine ______ again.

A. to get, to run B. to get,run C. to get, running D. getting, to run

12. The train from Tianjinan ______ hour ago.

A.arrived B. hasarrived C. wasarriving D.arrived at

13. Jane was sure that she ______ her wallet in the classroom.

A.left B. haslost C.lost D. had left

14. ---Whichdo you prefer, coffee or milk?

---______ of them. I’d likesome cola.

A. Either B. Both C. Neither D. None

15. You’d better go and ask Mr. Wang.He ____ know how to use thismachine.

A.can B. may C.would D. could

16. The paper for books and newspapers _____ made from wood.

A.are B. is C.has D. have

17. He dropped the ______ and broke it.

A. cup of tea B. tea’s cup C. cup for tea D. tea cup

18. You can _____ stay at home _____ go out to play.

A. either,or B. so,that C. neither,and D. both,and

19. We must keep the children _____ playingwith fire.

A.by B. away C.off D. from

20. Smith is _____ teacherthat all of us like them.

A. such good a B. a so good C. so good a D. a such good



ten, friend, happy, name,holiday, from, was, watched TV

My_ 1__ is Jim Green. I’m __2__ .I’m __3__ America. I __4__ in Beijing, China during my __5__ .I went to visit the Great Wall. I enjoyed the Spring Festival with my Chinese __6__ . I__ 7__ on the eve of the SpringFestival. The TV programmes were so interesting and exciting! I ate jiaozi thatnight. They were very delicious. How __8__ Iwas! What a nice holiday I had in Beijing, China!

Key:1. name 2. ten 3. from 4. was 5. holiday 6.friend 7. watched TV 8. happy




1.You or he (have) takenmy pen.

2.We are (excite) at the (excite)news.

3.They lived in London until quite (recent).

4.He knows much English, but he knows a little (France).

5.On Sundays, we often go (shop)with our parents.

6.---Jim(finish) his composition yet?

---No. He has some difficulty in doing it.

7.The rest of the wine (turn)bad.

8.We (plant) trees in springevery year. Now we (plant)trees along the river.

Key:1. has 2. excited, exciting 3. recently 4. French 5.shopping 6. Has, finished 7.turns/turned 8. plant, are planting


1.thin (反义词)___________ 2. big (反义词) _____________

3.long (反义词) ____________ 4. glass (复数) _____________

5.sheep (复数)___________ 6. baby (复数) _____________

7.cow (复数) 8. they (单数) _______________

9.one (序数词)_____________ 10. good(同义词)____________

Key:1. fat (or thick) 2. small 3. short 4.glasses 5. sheep 6. babies 7. cows 8. he (she orit) 9. first 10. well


1.Jim gives me a (惊奇)fromEngland.

2.What can you see in the (海洋)?

3.We often have a (聚会)forNew Year.

4.Jenny (梳)herhair every day.

5.For strong (身体)youneed to eat foods.

Key:1. surprise 2. ocean 3. party 4. combs 5. body


A:Hello, Li Ming.

B: 1 , Li Lei. 2 are they?

A: Oh, sorry. 3 4 Lucy. This is Lily. Theyare twins. Lucy, 5 6 my friend Li Ming.

C:Hi, Li Ming. 7 to 8 you.

B:Nice to meet you, 9 . 10 class are you 11 ?

D:We’re 12 Class 2, Grade 1.

B:Oh, very good. We are in the same 13 .

D: 14 15 16 , are you Japanese?

B: 17 , I’m Chinese.

Key:1. Hello 2. Who 3. This 4. is 5. this 6. is 7. Nice 8. meet 9. too 10. What 11. in 12. in 13. class 14. By 15. the 16. way 17.No


1.his, rubber, give, me

2.let, to, go, post, office, us, the

3.they’re, to, the, school, now, going

4.where, cars, your, are, ?

5.run, don’t, away

6.does, it, what, mean, ?

7.the, bike, over, there, blue, is

8.you, the, way, to, tell, the, history, museum, can, me

9.as, you, tall, as, Liu Tao, is, think, I

10.coat, river, Mr. Green, a, the, is, beside, washing

Key:1. Give me his rubber. 2. Let us go to the post office. 3. They’regoing to the school now.

4.Where are your cars? 5. Don’t run away. 6. What does it mean? 7. The bike over there is blue.

8.Can you tell me the way to the History Museum? 9. I think Liu Tao is astall as you.

10.Mr. Green is washing a coat beside the river.


A.Do you sleep well at night?

B.No, I don’t have a headache.

C.Thank you very much, doctor.

D.Yes. I sleep very well.

E. Oh, I see. There’snothing serious. You need to eat more food and have three meals a day. Thenyou’ll feel much better.

F.I feel very weak. I cannot do any work, doctor.

G. No, I don’t havebreakfast, and I have only a little food for lunch and supper because I want tokeep thin.

H.What’s your trouble, young man?

I.Do you have breakfast every morning?

J.Do you have a headache?

1. ________ 2._______ 3. ________ 4.________ 5. ________

6. ________ 7.________ 8. _______ 9. ________ 10. _________

Key:1. H 2. F 3. J 4. B 5. A 6. D 7. I 8.G 9. E 10. C


1.John’s done his homework for 4 hours.(改为一般疑问句)

________John ______ his homework for 4 hours?

2.She is good at speaking English.(改为同义句)

She_______ __________ ______ speaking English.

3.She was making dinner when the phone rang.(改为否定句)

She______ ________ dinner when the phone rang.

4.It’s going to rain.(改为反意疑问句)

It’sgoing to rain, _________ __________?

5.What’s your favorite season?(改为同义句)

________ _________ do you like _________?

6.I was born in Chengdu. (对画线部分提问)

____ ____ you born?

7.Kate is doing her homework very carefully. (改为感叹句)

____ ____ Kate is doing her homework!

8.It was rainy last Sunday. (对画线部分提问)

____ ____ ____ ____ ____ lastSunday?

Key:1. Has, done 2. does well in 3. wasn’t making 4. isn’tit 5. Which season, best

6.Where were 7. How carefully 8. What was the weather like















1.May/Can I have a talk with you?

2.Must I go to your office tomorrow?

3.He means that we shouldn’t eat and drink in the cinema.

4.Wang Bing is ill. He may not go to school tomorrow.

5.Keep off the grass!

6.You must be tired after working all day.

7.You should stay in bed and have a good rest because you have a cold.

8.Xiao Ming goes to school on foot every day.

9.He is reading a book on/about music.

10.The boy with big eyes was sitting here just now.


1.Tom is good at swimming. He is _______ the swim team.

2.I used to like music, but now I’m _________ in sports.

3.The Red Army men walked a long way and their shoes were all out.

4.When I was young, I used to spend a lot of time ________ basketball.

5.My father used to ________ me to concerts

Key:1. in 2. interested 3. worn 4. playing/on 5. take


1. 当你的朋友总是运气不佳时,你应该说:

A. Enjoyyourself

B. Have a goodtime!

C. Goodluck!

D. It’s very kind of you

2. 当你去医院看病,医生会向询问:

A. What’s the matter withyou?

B. Nothing serious

C. You should have a good rest.

3. 当你向别人询问如何去车站时,应这样问:

A. Go down this street.

B. How can I get to the station?

C. It’s five minute’s walk.

4. 如果受伤了,你不应该做:

A. Take some medicine

B. Go swimming

C. Have a rest

5. An apple a day keeps the doctoraway. 翻译为:

A. 每天一个苹果可以生病

B. 每天吃苹果,医生不找我

C. 医生每天吃苹果



wait, leave, call,would, now, worry, minute, start, lend, here

A: You look 1 . What’s the matter?

B: I’m 2 for my friend here. The movie will 3 soon.

A: Would you mind 4 him right 5 ?

B: But I 6 my mobile phone at home. Could you 7 me yours?

A: Sure. 8 you are.

B: Oh, he is on the way. He said he 9 arrive in a 10 .

Key: 1. worried 2. waiting 3. start 4. calling 5. now 6. left 7. lend 8. Here 9. would

10. minute

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